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Chicken Stealing

    Henry E. Dixey met a friend one afternoon on Broadway.

    "Well, Henry," exclaimed the friend, "you are looking fine! What do they feed you on?"

    "Chicken mostly," replied Dixey. "You see, I am rehearsing in a play where I am to be a thief, so, just by way of getting into training for the part I steal one of my own chickens every morning and have the cook broil it for me. I have accomplished the remarkable feat of eating thirty chickens in thirty consecutive days."

    "Great Scott!" exclaimed the friend. "Do you still like them?"

    "Yes, I do," replied Dixey; "and, what is better still, the chickens like me. Why they have got so when I sneak into the hen-house they all begin to cackle, 'I wish I was in Dixey.'" - A. S. Hitchcock.

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