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Cause And Effect

    Among a party of Bostonians who spent some time in a hunting-camp in Maine were two college professors. No sooner had the learned gentlemen arrived than their attention was attracted by the unusual position of the stove, which was set on posts about four feet high.

    This circumstance afforded one of the professors immediate opportunity to comment upon the knowledge that woodsmen gain by observation.

    "Now," said he, "this man has discovered that heat emanating from a stove strikes the roof, and that the circulation is so quickened that the camp is warmed in much less time than would be required were the stove in its regular place on the floor."

    But the other professor ventured the opinion that the stove was elevated to be above the window in order that cool and pure air could be had at night.

    The host, being of a practical turn, thought that the stove was set high in order that a good supply of green wood could be placed under it.

    After much argument, they called the guide and asked why the stove was in such a position.

    The man grinned. "Well, gents," he explained, "when I brought the stove up the river I lost most of the stove-pipe overboard; so we had to set the stove up that way so as to have the pipe reach through the roof."

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