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His Little Mistake

    A certain country vicar who used to distribute books to his parishioners as reading material, one day, deciding to surprise them, gave them each a Bible neatly wrapped up in brown paper. A few days later he called round on each of his flock, and the first place he called at was the village butcher's.

    "Well, Mr. Simson," he said, "how did you like that little book I gave you the other day?"

    Simson was rather taken aback at the query, for, truth to tell, the little book still remained in its brown paper wrapping somewhere under the counter.

    "Splendid!" lied Simson bravely, "but," he added, in a burst of confidence, "it ended like they all end."

    "Oh!" exclaimed the vicar, "in what way?"

    And Simson, thinking he was on safe ground, replied, "Why, they lived happy ever after."

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