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A Great Athlete

    Micky Bryan and Patsy Kelly had been schoolmates together, but they had drifted apart in after life. They met one day, and the conversation turned on athletics.

    "Did ye ivir meet my bruther Dennis?" asked Pat. "He has just won a gold medal in a foot race."

    "Bedad," replied Mike. "Sure, an' thot's foine. But did I ivir tell ye about my uncle at Ballycluna?"

    "I don't remember," replied Pat.

    "Well," said Mike, "he's got a gold medal for five miles, an' one for ten miles, two sets of carvers for cycling, a silver medal for swimming, two cups for wrestling, an' badges for boxing an' rowing!"

    "Begorra," said Pat, "he must have bin a wonderful athlete, indade!"

    "Shure, an' he's no athlete at all--at all," came the reply. "He kapes the pawnshop!"

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