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    There were elaborate preparations in colored society for a certain wedding. The prospective bride had been maid to a lady who met the girl on the street a week after the time set for the ceremony and inquired concerning it:

    "Did you have a big wedding, Martha?"

    "'Deed ah did, missus, 'deed ah did, de most splendiferous occasion ob de season."

    "Did you receive handsome presents?"

    "Yes'm, yes'm, de hull house was jes' crowded wiv de gifts."

    "And was your house nicely decorated?"

    "Yes'm, yes'm. An' everybody done wear der very best, look jes' lak a white-folks' weddin', yes'm."

    "And yourself, Martha, how did you look?"

    "Ah was sutinly some scrumptious, yes'm. Ah done wore mah white bridal dress an' orange blossoms, yes'm. Ah was some kid."

    "And the bridegroom, how did he appear?"

    "De bridegroom? Aw, dat triflin', low-down houn' dawg, he didn't show up at all, but we had a magnificious occasion wivout him, jes' de same!"

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