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    A woman missionary in China was taking tea with a mandarin's eight wives. The Chinese ladies examined her clothing, her hair, her teeth, and so on, but her feet especially amazed them.

    "Why," cried one, "you can walk or run as well as a man!"

    "Yes, to be sure," said the missionary.

    "Can you ride a horse and swim, too?"


    "Then you must be as strong as a man!"

    "I am."

    "And you wouldn't let a man beat you - not even if he was your husband - would you?"

    "Indeed I wouldn't," the missionary said.

    The mandarin's eight wives looked at one another, nodding their heads.
    Then the oldest said softly:

    "Now I understand why the foreign devil never has more than one wife.
    He is afraid!" - Western Christian Advocate.

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