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Weights And Measures

    "Didn't I tell ye to feed that cat a pound of meat every day until ye had her fat?" demanded an Irish shopkeeper, nodding toward a sickly, emaciated cat that was slinking through the store.

    "Ye did thot," replied the assistant, "an" I've just been after feedin' her a pound of meat this very minute."

    "Faith, an' I don't believe ye. Bring me the scales."

    The poor cat was lifted into the scales. Thy balancd at exactly one pound.

    "There!" exclaimed the assistant triumphantly. "Didn't I tell ye she'd had her pound of meat?"

    "That's right," admitted the boss, scratching his head. "That's yer pound of meat all right. But" - suddenly looking up - "where the divvil is the cat?"

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