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    Lilly May came to her mistress. "Ah would like a week's vacation, Miss Annie," she said, in her soft negro accent; "Ah wants to be married."

    Lillie had been a good girl, so her mistress gave her the week's vacation, a white dress, a veil and a plum-cake.

    Promptly at the end of the week Lillie returned, radiant. "Oh, Miss Annie!" she exclaimed, "Ah was the mos' lovely bride! Ma dress was pcrfec', ma veil mos' lovely, the cake mos' good! An' oh, the dancin' an' the eatin'!"

    "Well, Lillie, this sounds delightful," said her mistress, "but you have left out the point of your story - I hope you have a good husband."

    Lillie's tone changed to indignation: "Now, Miss Annie, what yo' think? Tha' darn nigger nebber turn up!"

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