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Protestant Episcopal Church

    An Episcopal clergyman who was passing his vacation in a remote country district met an old farmer who declared that he was a "'Piscopal."

    "To what parish do you belong?" asked the clergyman.

    "Don't know nawthin' 'bout enny parish," was the answer.

    "Who confirmed you, then?" was the next question.

    "Nobody," answered the farmer.

    "Then how are you an Episcopalian?" asked the clergyman.

    "Well," was the reply, "you see it's this way: Last winter I went to church, an' it was called 'Piscopal, an' I heerd them say that they left undone the things what they'd oughter done and they'd done some things what they oughtenter done, and I says to myself says I: 'That's my fix exac'ly,' and ever sence then I've been a 'Piscopalian."

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