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    A gentleman, not at all wealthy, who had at one time represented in Congress, through a couple of terms a district not far from the national capitol, moved to California where in a year or so he rose to be sufficiently prominent to become a congressional subject, and he was visited by the central committee of his district to be talked to.

    "We want you," said the spokesman, "to accept the nomination for Congress."

    "I can't do it, gentlemen," he responded promptly.

    "You must," the spokesman demanded.

    "But I can't," he insisted. "I'm too poor."

    "Oh, that will be all right; we've got plenty of money for the campaign."

    "But that is nothing," contended the gentleman; "it's the expense in Washington. I've been there, and know all about it."

    "Well you didn't lose by it, and it doesn't cost any more because you come from California."

    The gentleman became very earnest.

    "Doesn't it?" he exclaimed in a business-like tone. "Why my dear sirs, I used to have to send home every month about half a dozen busted office-seeker constituents, and the fare was only $3 apiece, and I could stand it, but it would cost me over $100 a head to send them out here, and I'm no millionaire; therefore, as much as I regret it, I must insist on declining."

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