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Traffic exchange


    A man and his wife were airing their troubles on the sidewalk one Saturday evening when a good Samaritan intervened.

    "See here, my man," he protested, "this sort of thing won't do."

    "What business is it of yours, I'd like to know," snarled the man, turning from his wife.

    "It's only my business in so far as I can be of help in settling this dispute," answered the Samaritan mildly.

    "This ain't no dispute," growled the man.

    "No dispute! But, my dear friend - "

    "I tell you it ain't no dispute," insisted the man. "She" - jerking his thumb toward the woman - "thinks she ain't goin to get my week's wages, and I know darn well she ain't. Where's the dispute in that?"

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