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Gas Stoves

    A Georgia woman who moved to Philadelphia found she could not be contented without the colored mammy who had been her servant for many years. She sent for old mammy, and the servant arrived in due season. It so happened that the Georgia woman had to leave town the very day mammy arrived. Before departing she had just time to explain to mammy the modern conveniences with which her apartment was furnished. The gas stove was the contrivance which interested the colored woman most. After the mistress of the household had lighted the oven, the broiler, and the other burners and felt certain the old servant understood its operations, the mistress hurried for her train.

    She was absent for two weeks and one of her first questions to mammy was how she had worried along.

    "De fines' ever," was the reply. "And dat air gas stove - O my! Why do you know, Miss Flo'ence, dat fire aint gone out yit."

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