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    John D. Rockefeller tells this story on himself:

    "Golfing one bright winter day I had for caddie a boy who didn't know me.

    "An unfortunate stroke landed me in clump of high grass.

    "'My, my,' I said, 'what am I to do now?'

    "'See that there tree?' said the boy, pointing to a tall tree a mile away. 'Well, drive straight for that.'

    "I lofted vigorously, and, fortunately, my ball soared up into the air; it landed, and it rolled right on to the putting green.

    "'How's that, my boy?' I cried.

    "The caddie stared at me with envious eyes.

    "'Gee, boss,' he said, 'if I had your strength and you had my brains what a pair we'd make!'"

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