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Business Enterprise

    In a New York street a wagon loaded with lamp globes collided with a truck and many of the globes were smashed. Considerable sympathy was felt for the driver as he gazed ruefully at the shattered fragments. A benevolent-looking old gentleman eyed him compassionately.

    "My poor man," he said, "I suppose you will have to make good this loss out of your own pocket?"

    "Yep," was the melancholy reply.

    "Well, well," said the philanthropic old gentleman, "hold out your hat - here's a quarter for you; and I dare say some of these other people will give you a helping hand too."

    The driver held out his hat and several persons hastened to drop coins in it. At last, when the contributions had ceased, he emptied the contents of his hat into his pocket. Then, pointing to the retreating figure of the philanthropist who had started the collection, he observed: "Say, maybe he ain't the wise guy! That's me boss!"

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